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Top 5 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the Best Choice

So, you are on the fence? Afraid of sacrificing quality, but still not sure if you want to spend the extra time and money on traditional hardwood parquet flooring when you’ve heard that there are more affordable options out there? Rest assured, the team at American Wholesale Floors in Deland understands your reluctance, yet we want to help you make a confident decision in choosing the best luxury vinyl flooring. The truth of the matter is this: luxury vinyl flooring is popular these days. Thus, it can be just as appealing as hardwood flooring. In fact, we believe that it is often a better choice. Thus, we have provided for you the following guide to reassure you in your choice of luxury vinyl flooring.

It's Affordable.

Luxury vinyl plank (known as LVP) flooring costs on average between $2 and $7 per square foot. Compared to other types of flooring, it is considered the most desirable and most affordable. Sure, you can install vinyl tile and save even more money, but you lose out in quality and durability. Hardwood flooring costs between $5 and $14 (or more) per square foot. Thus, there is a dramatic price difference between luxury vinyl plank and traditional hardwoods—nearly 50% savings. Finally, LVP is much easier to install than hardwood. Therefore, you will save big on the installation costs.

It's Versatile.

As mentioned above, LVP is easier to install than traditional hardwood flooring. When installing LVP, it generally clicks together easily and can be modified to fit in the most awkward of corridors and spaces. It can be glued down on the existing subfloor. However, there are types of LVP such as wood-plastic composite, or WPC, that are glue-less. If you are choosing flooring for commercial use, you might want to go with a stone-plastic core [SPC] type of LVP. It costs the least and is very thick and durable. No matter your needs, LVP comes in a variety of stains, colors, and protective layers that fit any aesthetic. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and it absorbs sound.

It's Stylish

The vinyl plank flooring of the 1980’s and 1990’s got a bad reputation. In a word, it looked bad. It looked like plastic, was flimsy, and the patterns were garish. The modern LVP looks amazing. It is designed to replicate the look of hardwood flooring. In fact, the patterns you see on LVP are actual images of hardwood or stone. There are no limits to the types of images found on LVP. Whether your style is modern, classic, or traditional, there is a product that will work for you. If you are into the rustic, one of the most popular LVP choices these days is reclaimed barn wood. If your taste is more exotic, why not go with Brazilian Walnut?

It's Duable

Most LVP is made up of four layers: a protective layer, the middle clear layer, the image, and the bottom layer with tile. The way to determine how long your LVP will last is based on the mil rating. The higher the mil rating, the longer it lasts. An average mil rating is between 12 and 20. Thus, most LVP can last for 20 years or more depending upon how much traffic it gets. The durability of LVP is one of the things that makes it very appealing. It is kid friendly, and is scratch resistant. It is ideal for pet owners since it is so easy to clean. Finally, products like rigid core or rigid LVP are great choices for those that want a realistic look but want protection from stains, dents, scratches, and water.

It's Waterproof and Sustainable

Residents of the Greater Orlando and Daytona Beach areas understand what heat, humidity, and moisture can do to a home. Humidity and moisture really cut into the lifespan of a floor—especially if it is hardwood. Thus, the most important thing to know about LVP is that it is waterproof. The climate in Central Florida is very moist. Thus, LVP is the best flooring for Florida. LVP does not deteriorate as quickly as hardwood since it is resistant to humidity and moisture. Therefore, you will not have to replace LVP as often. Also, LVP is made from 100% all natural materials. Therefore, in 25 years when you have to replace it, you can recycle it! Thus, by choosing LVP, you are doing good for the environment. We hope this guide is helpful and reassuring. If you have questions about LVP or any of the products mentioned here, please call our sales team at (386) 873-6740. The team at American Wholesale Floors is eager to speak with you. Finally, if you want to know more about our services, you can request information online by clicking here.